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Sex without love: a philosophical exploration; Prometheus Books, 1980; 1980; Russell Vannoy; 226 pages; 9780879751296

Here, in a break from traditional philosophical views of sex and love, Russell Vannoy presents a radical defence of sexual enjoyment without love. Vannoy argues that truly humanistic and fulfilling sex is found only when it is enjoyed for its own sake and it is divorced from traditional forms of love. The book contains insightful analyses of the philosophies of Sartre, Freud, Schopenhauer, Reich, Nagel, deSade, and others.
Philosophy & sex; 397 pages; Philosophy; Frederick Elliston; 1975; STANFORD:36105036364821
278 pages; Sex Is Not Simple; Stephen B. Levine; Psychosexual disorders; Jan 1, 1989; UOM:39015061857697
Our intimate relationships; 577 pages; marriage and the family; Family & Relationships; Dec 1, 1994; ISBN:0875634656; Ollie Pocs
The Idea of Love; 488 pages; Robert G. Hazo; Love; 1967; UOM:39015008182936
334 pages; How is love different from lust or infatuation? Do love and marriage really go together "like a horse and carriage"? Does sex have any necessary connection to either? And how; Raja Halwani; Philosophy; An Introduction; 2010; ISBN:9780415993500; Philosophy of Love, Sex, and Marriage
This is a unique supplement designed to be used with any current sexuality textbook, but particularly with Hyde's UNDERSTANDING HUMAN SEXUALITY. It offers a series of exercises; ISBN:0070668485; Jan 1, 1992; A Self-assessment; Robert F. Valois, Sandra Kammermann; College students; 336 pages; Your Sexuality Science; 1979; Paul N. Cheremisinoff, Angelo C. Morresi; Benzene, basic and hazardous properties; STANFORD:36105030189000; 250 pages Tactical media describes interventionist media art practices that engage and critique the dominant political and economic order. Rather than taking to the streets and staging; Art; Rita Raley; ISBN:9780816651504; 2009; Tactical Media; 195 pages, www.alibris.com/booksearch?title=Sex+without+love%3A+a+philosophical+exploration
Oct 8, 2001; 296 pages; ISBN:0631203281; China in the Twentieth Century; Paul Bailey; History; This overview of twentieth-century history in China tells the story of a fascinating country undergoing political revolutions and social and cultural upheaval, https://pasbook.club/houser/375-part
402 pages; For one/two-semester courses on Police/Community Relations, Police and Society, Policing within American Society, or Issues in Policing in two- and four-year and proprietary; ISBN:013020997X; Ronald D. Hunter, Pamela Douglass Mayhall, Thomas Barker; 2000; Criminal justice, Administration of; Police-community Relations and the Administration of Justice
Love - our hearts yearn for it, we fall into it or out of it, we'll do almost anything to attain and keep it. Those who have experienced the power of love whirl from its; Love; Emotion, Myth, and Metaphor; Robert C. Solomon; Family & Relationships; ISBN:9781615925315
308 pages; Dec 11, 2013; ISBN:9783662394304; Sex and the intelligent women; Social Science; Manfred F. DeMartino, www.isbns.net/search/?query=Sex+without+love%3A+a+philosophical+exploration 1980; Psychology; ISBN:093147003X; 227 pages; The Sex Book for Those Who Think They Know It All; Charles L. Pelton, www.alibris.com/booksearch?title=Sex+without+love%3A+a+philosophical+exploration
Sex (Psychology); 1964; Richard C. Robertiello; Sexual Fulfillment and Self-affirmation; 156 pages; UOM:39015001643215 213 pages; Anne Kelleher; 1987; Sex Within Reason; Sex; UOM:39015011913020 Jan 1, 1997; Therapeutic Protein and Peptide Formulation and Delivery, Volume 675; This volume reviews protein stability and the analytical and biophysical characterization of proteins. It emphasizes drug delivery approaches, especially local delivery through; Zahra Shahrokh; UOM:39015041771521; Medical; 228 pages 492 pages; 1975; UOM:39015002080490; Sails; the complete guide to sails and sail handling; Sail power: the complete guide to sails and sail handling, Volume 1975, Part 2; Wallace Ross, Carl Chapman, www.studocu.com/en/search/Sex+without+love%3A+a+philosophical+exploration UCAL:B3477444; 1980; Fiction; 119 pages; Paul Bailey; Old soldiers ISBN:9781118844328; Emmett Dulaney; Linux All-in-One For Dummies; Computers; 576 pages; Jun 12, 2014 Kathleen P. Talaro, Arthur Talaro; Foundations in Microbiology; Medical microbiology; Basic Principles; ISBN:9780072334005; 534 pages; 2002, www.biblio.com/search.php?title=Sex+without+love%3A+a+philosophical+exploration
The Nature of Love; 395 pages; ISBN:9780262258463; 1966; Irving Singer; An analysis of concepts of bestowal, appraisal, imagination, and idealization followed by explorations into the writings of thinkers that include Plato, Ovid, and Martin Luther; Philosophy
2010; Elizabeth McClung; 432 pages; Fiction; Zed is having a bad day. She's twelve and there's someone around who's killing kids, which she doesn't have time for. Today, she's already knifed a rapist, traded with half the; Zed; ISBN:9781458776143 955 pages; This text covers the concepts and principles of biology, from the structure and function of the cell to the organization of the biosphere. It draws upon the world of living; Biology; Science; Sylvia S. Mader; 2004; ISBN:0072919345 "Risks in Technological Systems" is an interdisciplinary university textbook and a book for the educated reader on the risks of todays society. In order to understand and; Nov 3, 2009; ISBN:9781848826403; Risks in Technological Systems; 341 pages; Gran Grimvall, ke Holmgren, Per Jacobsson, Torbjrn Theden; Technology & Engineering
UCSD:31822036258895; Evri Kwong; 40 pages; 2008; Evri Kwong, Rebecca M. Schapp, Karen Kienzle, Diane R. Karp; Just Pretend Everything is OK Alan Soble; Eros, agape, and philia; Family & Relationships; UOM:39015016941869; 1989; The philosophy of loveFor centuries, popular writers and respected scholars have written about and analyzed the phenomenon of love without exhausting its potential for; 305 pages; readings in the philosophy of Love, www.powells.com/SearchResults?kw=title:Sex+without+love%3A+a+philosophical+exploration F. Bernoville; Jan 1, 2003; What We Must Not Do in Homoeopathy; This book is a translation of the article Ce qu'il ne faur pas faire en pratiquant Homoeopathic. This translation was first published serially in the Journal of Homoeopathic; 76 pages; ISBN:8170212537 ISBN:8131802914; Solutions to Engineering Mathematics, Volume 1; 791 pages; C.P. Gandhi; 2008; Engineering mathematics, https://pasbook.club/houser/christ_and_the_world_of 1797; The Gentle shepherd; A Scots pastoral comedy; STANFORD:36105026532999; 120 pages; Allan Ramsay
Malcolm Devine, Stephen O. Duke, Carl Fedtke; Physiology of Herbicide Action; An introduction to herbicide action; Reaching the target; Oxigen toxicity and herbicidal action; Microtubule disruptors; Herbicide effects on lipid synthesis; Nucleic acid and; PSU:000021469688; Technology & Engineering; 441 pages; 1993, https://pasbook.club/houser/735-part
496 pages; Philosophy; The Modern World; The Nature of Love; Feb 27, 2009; ISBN:9780262265232; Irving Singer; The final volume of Singer's trilogy discusses ideas about love in the work of writers ranging from Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Tolstoy to Freud, Proust, D. H. Lawrence, Shaw
1999; 141 pages; Education; Jeanne Shay Schumm, Gerald E. Schumm; The Reading Tutor's Handbook; A Commonsense Guide to Helping Students Read and Write; UOM:39076002325319; Written for readers who want to share the joy and power of reading, this is a comprehensive guide covering everything tutors need to know. It is recommended for anyone who
1974; MINN:31951001837383Q; Richard Frederick Hettlinger; 315 pages; Human Sexuality, a Psychosocial Perspective; College students, link.springer.com/search?query=Sex+without+love%3A+a+philosophical+exploration A. M. Zikic; 383 pages; Practical digital control; ISBN:0470215062; Aug 1, 1989; Technology & Engineering, https://pasbook.club/houser/797-part Sharing Sexual Intimacy; For Each Other; 1981; Family & Relationships; ISBN:0451139895; Lonnie Barbach; Everyone is interested in achieving greater sexual satisfaction and a more intimate relationship. Now Lonnie Barbach, intimacy expert, sex therapist, and author of the Science; Michael J. Leboffe, Burton E. Pierce; ISBN:0895827050; Laboratory Theory & Application; Microbiology; Jan 1, 2008; 552 pages
ISBN:9780191074707; Attention, Not Self; Jonardon Ganeri; Nov 30, 2017; 360 pages; Philosophy; Jonardon Ganeri presents an account of mind in which attention, not self, explains the experiential and normative situatedness of human beings in the world. Attention consists, https://pasbook.club/houser/ivbvfes3klo STANFORD:36105035248470; Wisdom from the world's best thinkers, past and present, on the subject of love. Includes selections from: Plato, Shakespeare, Milton, Spinoza, Hegel, Freud, Jung, Sartre; The Philosophy of (erotic) love; 522 pages; 1991; Robert C. Solomon; Family & Relationships, https://pasbook.club/houser/page760 Equipment - Technique - Style; Nov 30, 2017; Know the equipment, refine your technique and express your style. Combining straightforward guidance with artistic insight, this comprehensive handbook is an essential piece of; Michael Freeman; 240 pages; Photography; The Photographer's Handbook; ISBN:9781781575956 Christine Bresnahan, Richard Blum; LPIC-1 Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide; Computers; Apr 16, 2015; ISBN:9781119021209; Exam 101-400 and Exam 102-400; Thorough LPIC-1 exam prep, with complete coverage and bonus study tools LPIC-1Study Guide is your comprehensive source for the popular Linux Professional Institute; 696 pages, goo.gl/o1Brq 2002; 274 pages; International Microelectronics and Packaging Society, Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers; ISBN:0930815653; ICAPS 2002; Electronic packaging Felix Podimattam ~autofilled~; ISBN:8174950591; Man-Woman Relationship; Love, www.booktopia.com.au/search.ep?keywords=Sex+without+love%3A+a+philosophical+exploration
In Level Four, you learn how to use specific tuing forks on the 12 meridians of the body. Readers will also be introduced to the five elemental theory and will be given five; Body, Mind & Spirit; Tuning Fork Therapy Level Four: A Manual for Class Instruction Or Self-Study; 2011; 106 pages; Francine Milford; ISBN:9781411639232, https://pasbook.club/houser/page582
Carol Carysforth; This text covers the full range of communication skills necessary for students to flourish on major courses at level 2 and beyond. Each unit contains two weeks work and focuses; ISBN:0435455427; Communication for Work; 314 pages; Business & Economics; 1998, bit.ly/qO9eYWQ 280 pages; John Anderson on literature and aesthetics; Art & reality; 1982; John Anderson, Janet Anderson, Graham Cullum, Kimon Lycos; UOM:39015001196644; Literary Criticism The Character of Logic in India is the last work of the eminent philosopher Bimal Krishna Matilal. It traces the origins of logical theory in India, with chapters on the; Bimal Krishna Matilal, Jonardon Ganeri, Heeraman Tiwari; The Character of Logic in India; ISBN:0791437396; 180 pages; Philosophy; 1998 373 pages; Struggling with the freezing conditions of her Portland, Maine, home, her husband's roving eye, and a problematic mother-in-law, Sophie Quinn finds her challenging life turning; ISBN:0312320884; Fiction; A Novel; Nov 4, 2004; Christina Bartolomeo; Snowed In
The Psychology of Sex; Psychology; 208 pages; Hans Jrgen Eysenck, Glenn Daniel Wilson; UOM:39015002239237; 1979
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