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I'm Green and I'm Grumpy 1993 9780140549683 Alison Lester Puffin Books, 1993

Picture book for toddlers in which the younger members of a family dress up in a linen cupboard as characters such as a dinosaur and a fairy. The readers are invited to guess, from the clues in the rhyming verse, what the character is that is behind the cupboard door (which is a flap that opens in the book). Also in the 'Open-the-Door' series is 'Monsters are Knocking'. Author/illustrator's other works include 'Magic Beach' and 'My Farm'.
Are We There Yet? ISBN:1929132735 Grace recounts how she, her parents, and her brothers spent an entire winter travelling completely around Australia in a camper A Journey Around Australia Alison Lester Juvenile Fiction 2005 32 pages
Alison Lester 2009 36 pages Running with the Horses is a stunning picture book by Alison Lester, the much-loved creator of Are We There Yet? and many other treasured books for children. Young readers will Animals Running with the Horses ISBN:0670868337
ISBN:1550372564 Robert N. Munsch, Hlne Desputeaux Purple, Green and Yellow When Brigid asks for colored markers, she assures her mother that she will use them responsibly, but one day the temptation becomes too great 32 pages Juvenile Fiction 1992, https://pasbook.club/houser/page280
Sports & Recreation Jan 1, 2000 Ed Almquist 378 pages Hot Rod Pioneers Almquist (an automotive engineer and himself a hot-rodder) profiles approximately 200 hot rod innovators, and tells the story of the sport. The book traces its history from the The Creators of the Fastest Sport on Wheels ISBN:076800232X 147 pages Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Navigation of the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, House of Representatives, One Hundred First Congress, First Session ... July 26, 1989 STANFORD:36105026904164 Environmental policy United States. Congress. House. Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries. Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Navigation 1990 Oil Spill Response, www.flipkart.com/search?q=I%26%2339%3Bm+Green+and+I%26%2339%3Bm+Grumpy
Horrid Henry's Double Dare ISBN:144400008X Horrid Henry and his friends put forward their most dastardly dares and side-splitting jokes to prove once and for all that boys rule. But little does Henry know that Moody Children's stories Francesca Simon 64 pages Feb 4, 2010 May 10, 2014 Sidney Udenfriend, Johannes Meienhofer 446 pages Science The Peptides: Analysis, Synthesis, Biology Opioid Peptides: Biology, Chemistry, and Genetics: The Peptides ..., Volume 6 The Peptides: Analysis, Synthesis, Biology, Volume 6: Opioid Peptides: Biology, Chemistry, and Genetics presents a biological topic of peptide research. This book is divided ISBN:9781483217994
Juvenile Fiction 32 pages 1992 A rhyming story of Silly Sally, who makes many friends as she travels to town--backwards and upside down ISBN:0152744282 Silly Sally Audrey Wood A collection of Mother Goose nursery rhymes Mother Goose Treasury ISBN:1412763347 Publications International Children's poetry 2006 316 pages
1992 Juvenile Fiction Happy and sad, grouchy and glad Constance Allen ISBN:0307001253 24 pages, www.apple.com/us/search/I%26%2339%3Bm+Green+and+I%26%2339%3Bm+Grumpy
1957 STANFORD:36105044053846 a summary of recommendations by Professor James G. Holbrook as to trial courts in Los Angeles County, of the reports of various groups which studied such recommendations, and of the actions to date by the legislature and the courts on the recommendations 206 pages The Holbrook report -- eight months later Paul Fussell, James G. Holbrook, Fannie J. Klein Law, https://pasbook.club/houser/nyl
Green Crafts for Children 2008 ISBN:1906094667 Crafts & Hobbies Presents step-by-step instructions for creating a variety of crafts using salt dough, paper, papier mache, and recycled and found materials Emma Hardy 128 pages
128 pages ISBN:0742427196 May 17, 2004 Start with the simple 1-minute brainstorming activities, then build mental muscle with the 2- and 5-minute activities Grade 3-5 Brainstorming Activities School Specialty Publishing, Carson-Dellosa Publishing Education, https://pasbook.club/houser/page250
277 pages 2010 Kim Hamilton Anthony When Kim Hamilton rose to fame, she was anything but a typical world-class gymnast. She wasn't white, she didn't come from a middle-class family, and she was tall for a gymnast ISBN:9781615664955 Biography & Autobiography Unfavorable Odds The Story of UCLA's First African-American Female Gymnastics Champion
Debi Gliori 32 pages Stormy Weather As nighttime approaches, a baby fox and his mother imagine all the different animals around the world preparing for bed and falling asleep 2009 Juvenile Fiction PSU:000068236700, https://pasbook.club/houser/biwe-xeloz-fefi
2009 Thing When Emily Forbes mistakenly picks up a stegosaurus egg in the park, her life changes in all sorts of wonderful ways. But when the egg hatches, can Emily keep her new pet a 54 pages ISBN:0143503421 Robin Klein Dinosaurs ISBN:0521426669 325 pages May 13, 1993 A Resource Book for Training and Development Martin Parrott Tasks for Language Teachers This book contains 40 tasks of two types: discussion tasks and classroom-based tasks Foreign Language Study Life, The Science of Biology: The Cell and Heredity, Volume 1 ISBN:1429211636 The Cell and Heredity 461 pages Aug 1, 2007 Science David E. Sadava, Iclicker, Gordon H. Orians, H. C. Heller
Up the Duff The one, the only brilliant Aussie bible on being 'up the duff'. Kaz gives you the up to date lowdown on pregnancy, birth and coping when you get home. No bossy boots rules Kaz Cooke 467 pages 1999 ISBN:0670882895 Childbirth The Real Guide to Pregnancy
Linux Bible ISBN:9780470165775 Get ready to master the basics and beyond with this in-depth guide to Linux. Youll discover how Linux is productive enough to use as your only desktop system and powerful Jun 5, 2007 848 pages Christopher Negus Boot up to Ubuntu, Fedora, KNOPPIX, Debian, SUSE, and 11 Other Distributions Computers
Entering the Movement of Divine Generosity Nov 2, 2010 ISBN:9780310599999 The God who created a good and perfect world, but whose world turned from him, has brought restoration through gift: The Father loved the world and gave the Son, and the Father Kelly M. Kapic Religion God So Loved, He Gave 288 pages Theories of Self and Practices of Truth in Indian Ethics and Epistemology ISBN:9780199202416 288 pages Philosophy The Concealed Art of the Soul:Theories of Self and Practices of Truth in Indian Ethics and Epistemology Jul 5, 2007 In The Concealed Art of the Soul, Jonardon Ganeri presents a variety of perspectives on the nature of the self as seen by major schools of classical Indian philosophy. For Jonardon Ganeri Children's stories A delightful book for the very young, exploring all the different feelings of a little hamster and how his emotions change with the various experiences of the day, from proud Jana Novotny Hunter 2002 32 pages I Have Feelings! ISBN:0711217343 2004 Juvenile Fiction ISBN:0803728700 40 pages Big Brother, Little Brother Photographs and rhyming text show the ups and downs of having a big or little brother 296 pages Suzanne Woods Fisher May 1, 2008 Copper Fire ISBN:0981559204 Fiction On a summer day in 1945, Louisa Gordon receives a telegram from the International Red Cross Tracing Service. Her young cousin, Elisabeth, has just been released from Dachau, a 292 pages Adam J. Mambi Recent developments in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have brought about changes that have revolutionalised traditional ways of conducting business. While Law ISBN:9789987080748 ICT Law Book 2010 A Source Book for Information and Communication Technologies & Cyber Law in Tanzania & East African Community
429 pages A field guide to landmarks of modern architecture in the United States 1985 Miriam F. Stimpson UOM:39015009264725 Architecture
History Many a Midnight Ship ISBN:0472031368 Mark Bourrie 277 pages True Stories of Great Lakes Shipwrecks 2005 Riveting stories of maritime tragedies on North America's "inland seas", www.coop.com.au/search?keyW=I%26%2339%3Bm+Green+and+I%26%2339%3Bm+Grumpy Fiction Apr 21, 2009 THE NO. 1 LADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY - Book 10 Fans around the world adore the best-selling No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series and its proprietor, Precious Ramotswe, Botswana Alexander McCall Smith 224 pages Tea Time for the Traditionally Built ISBN:0307378101, scribd.com/search?query=I%26%2339%3Bm+Green+and+I%26%2339%3Bm+Grumpy Seasons in Friendship Rae Dezettel Perls Fiction 248 pages Jun 30, 2005 Lifelong friendship between four women bring opportunities to meet challenges and deepen their connections as they develop from childhood to late adulthood in the company of ISBN:9781413489828 1984 United States. Congress. House. Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries. Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Navigation Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Navigation of the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries, House of Representatives, Ninety-eighth Congress, First Session, on H.R. 3486 ... July 19, 27, August 2, September 29, 1983 Marine accidents Marine Safety Program STANFORD:36105029332793 573 pages
Hugville ISBN:0375824189 Juvenile Fiction 32 pages The mayor of Hugville conducts a tour of the town where all kinds of hugs are practiced and celebrated, including the monkey hug, tornado hug, and phone hug Court Crandall, Joe Murray Dec 27, 2005
UCAL:B3328898 1948 Fiction Henry James The lesson of the master, and other stories 237 pages, https://pasbook.club/houser/489705 576 pages ISBN:0749573953 Travel Automobile Association (Great Britain) Feb 1, 2013 Caravan & Camping Guide 2013 This is a comprehensive guide to over 1000 AA inspected camping and caravanning parks throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The best parks and holiday centres are, www.flipkart.com/search?q=I%26%2339%3Bm+Green+and+I%26%2339%3Bm+Grumpy, www.booktopia.com.au/search.ep?keywords=I%26%2339%3Bm+Green+and+I%26%2339%3Bm+Grumpy Scott L. Mingus The Louisiana Tigers in the Gettysburg Campaign, June-July 1863 2009 315 pages Previous works on Confederate brigadier general Harry T. Hays's First Louisiana Brigade -- better known as the "Louisiana Tigers" -- have tended to focus on just one day of the ISBN:9780807136720 History When Goose takes a wild ride on a runaway scooter she has many close calls with her animal neighbors Juvenile Fiction 16 pages Phil Roxbee Cox ISBN:0794500366 2001 Goose on the Loose, www.biblio.com/search.php?title=I%26%2339%3Bm+Green+and+I%26%2339%3Bm+Grumpy Irene Rauta, Ann Pickering the report of a survey carried out by the Social Survey Division of OPCS on behalf of the Department of the Environment Private renting in England 1990 STANFORD:36105043437560 90 pages 1992 Law 16 pages Alison Lester ISBN:0143501682 2005 Mini Puffin 'I wonder, I wonder . . . now what can he be?' Who are the creatures in the dress-up cupboard? Can you guess? Open the door and find out! Full of surprises, this warm, funny I'm Green and I'm Grumpy!, https://pasbook.club/houser/04210916 32 pages 2003 ISBN:1901223760 Walking Through the Jungle Join this fearless young explorer as she discovers the different animals and terrains in the world and makes it home for supper, safe and sound! Debbie Harter Juvenile Fiction
Eighty-nine sediment samples were collected from the barrier reef and lagoon of British Honduras. Forty-one bottom water samples were also collecte for determining temperature UCSD:31822020696969 Distribution of Foraminifera in the Barrier Reef and Lagoon of British Honduras 196 pages Donald E. Cebulski Foraminifera 1961
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