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Tié̂ng hót loài chim Di: thơ; Cội Nguò̂n, 2004; 2004; 9780971262676; Song Nhị

1983; The Tale of Kiu; Poetry; Du Nguyn, Sanh Thng Hunh, Huynh Sanh Thong; 211 pages; A Bilingual Edition of Truyn Kiu; Since its publication in the early nineteenth century, this long narrative poem has stood unchallenged as the supreme masterpiece of Vietnamese literature. Huynh's new and; ISBN:0300040512
Ian Kershaw; Biography & Autobiography; ISBN:0393320359; 845 pages; Hubris; Hitler, 1889-1936; 2000; Traces Hitler's rise from a shelter for needy children in Austria to dictatorship over Germany and the beginning of his persecution of the Jews
159 pages; The Glenstal Book of Prayer; The Glenstal Book of Prayer is a rich resource for the dark, mysterious, but exciting journey which is prayer. It draws on the wisdom of the Bible, enshrined in Benedictine; ISBN:0814627676; Monks of Glenstal Abbey; Religion; 2001; A Benedictine Prayer Book Business & Economics; 1996; Merriam-Webster's Legal Secretaries Handbook; Provides reference information on handling mail and telephone calls, keeping records, taking dictation, preparing correspondence, using legal forms, and maintaining a law library; Austin G. Anderson; UOM:39015061380708; 495 pages Jan E. Leighley; 194 pages; Strength in Numbers?; America's increasing racial and ethnic diversity is viewed by some as an opportunity to challenge and so reinforce the country's social fabric; by others, as a portent of; ISBN:0691086710; The Political Mobilization of Racial and Ethnic Minorities; 2001; Political Science
Fiction; Put Out More Flags; What happened to the characters of DECLINE AND FALL and VILE BODIES when the war broke out? PUT OUT MORE FLAGS shows them adjusting to the changing social pattern of the times; ISBN:9780141913001; Evelyn Waugh; 240 pages; May 31, 2012, https://pasbook.club/houser/file-440
Dog is eager to have fun, but no one in the barnyard will play with him except one special friend; Juvenile Fiction; Christine McDonnell; 32 pages; 2009; Dog Wants to Play; ISBN:0670011266, is.gd/UAPaFF, www.alibris.com/booksearch?title=Ti%C3%A9%CC%82ng+h%C3%B3t+lo%C3%A0i+chim+Di%3A+th%C6%A1 Stanley Karnow; Vietnam; A History; United States; ISBN:9780712659659; 1994; 768 pages; This monumental narrative clarifies, analyses and demystifies the terrible ordeal of the Vietnam war. Free of ideological bias, profound in its understanding and compassionate Language Arts & Disciplines; ISBN:0300089074; 338 pages; 1999; Jay Rosen; American journalists in the 1990s confronted disturbing trends-an erosion of trust in the news media, weakening demand for serious news, flagging interest in politics and civic; What are Journalists For?, https://pasbook.club/houser/gecu
The Fussy Eaters' Recipe Book; ISBN:9781416578819; 224 pages; In homes around the country, parents are fighting a difficult battle: trying to get their picky eaters to eat healthy foods without ruining family mealtime. We all know that it; Cooking; 135 Quick, Tasty and Healthy Recipes that Your Kids Will Actually Eat; Annabel Karmel; Sep 2, 2008 Pete Earley; The Hot House; An account of life in Leavenworth Prison, based on interviews with inmates and others, describes the lives of a sexual predator, a gang member in for forty-two years, a; True Crime; Life Inside Leavenworth Prison; ISBN:9780307808318; 464 pages; Nov 9, 2011, https://pasbook.club/houser/the_scribe_speaks_colophons_in_early_english_manuscripts_issn 147 pages; Medical; David C. Linch, A. P. Yates, M. J. Watts; 1996; Haematology; ISBN:0443046158; 'User-friendly' format ideal for exam preparation, concise text clearly integrated with high-quality colour clinical photographs, unique approach allows review of a wide Young Adult Fiction; 304 pages; Dec 2, 2010; Battle Dress; Based on the authors own experiences as a cadet at the exclusive United States Military Academy at West Point, Battle Dress is the brutally honest tale of seventeen-year-old; Amy Efaw; ISBN:9781101478004, wp.me/pj8cx3-4S
UOM:39015006475092; Industrial sociology; Orlando Behling, Chester Schriesheim; 386 pages; Organizational Behavior; Jan 1, 1976; Theory, Research, and Application Photography; Ba-ra-kei; 99 pages; Photographs of the famous Japanese novelist create surreal images of creativity, eroticism, and death; UOM:39015034355373; Jun 1, 1985; Eik Hosoe
Andrew King; 1998; Making Fractions; A math activity book uses exciting games and projects to explore the different ways fractions of a whole can be expressed--as fractions, decimals, percentages, and ratios; 32 pages; ISBN:0761307230; Juvenile Nonfiction
Political Science; STANFORD:36105003886244; Drawing upon their firsthand experiences with the CIA, the authors expose the activities, tactics, and workings of the intelligence agency; The CIA and the cult of intelligence; Victor Marchetti, John D. Marks; 398 pages; 1974 The South Manor area; 2000; This volume, the eighth in the series to report on the deserted medieval village Wharram Percy in the Yorkshire Wolds, publishes the important results of a major program of; Paul Stamper, R. A. Croft; STANFORD:36105025307807; History; 223 pages, scribd.com/search?query=Ti%C3%A9%CC%82ng+h%C3%B3t+lo%C3%A0i+chim+Di%3A+th%C6%A1 371 pages; 1989; Empires of Time; Calendars, Clocks, and Cultures; Traces the roots of our modern timekeeping system and compares it with those of tribal societies; Social Science; UTEXAS:059173001540595; Anthony F. Aveni 432 pages; Jeremy Clarkson; Oct 13, 2011; Round the Bend; ISBN:9780718158422; Jeremy Clarkson gets really riled in Round the Bend What's it like to drive a car that's actively trying to kill you? This and many other burning questions trouble Jeremy; Humor Juvenile Fiction; 128 pages; A treasure trove of Dahl! Amazing facts - some funny, some silly - and an original chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory make this a splendiferous, surprising and; Roald Dahl; Spotty Powder and Other Splendiferous Secrets (Pocket Money Puffin); May 6, 2010; ISBN:9780141330402 Mathematics; ISBN:0521659388; John C. Taylor; Apr 9, 2001; Hidden Unity in Nature's Laws; 490 pages; As physics has progressed through the ages it has succeeded in explaining more and more diverse phenomena with fewer and fewer underlying principles. This lucid and wide Gaius, O. F. Robinson; The Institutes of Gaius; 579 pages; History; UOM:39015014754660; 1988 Political Science; ISBN:0415370817; Policy Change and Discourse in Europe; Claudio Maria Radaelli, Vivien Ann Schmidt; 2005; 205 pages; This book examines policy discourse, Europeanisation, and the classic variables of politics in their institutional context. It presents sophisticated theoretical analysis, link.springer.com/search?query=Ti%C3%A9%CC%82ng+h%C3%B3t+lo%C3%A0i+chim+Di%3A+th%C6%A1, www.bookdepository.com/search?searchTerm=Ti%C3%A9%CC%82ng+h%C3%B3t+lo%C3%A0i+chim+Di%3A+th%C6%A1 International Civil War; World War, 1939-1945; 1942; Manabendra Nath Roy; War and Revolution; UOM:39015030675501; 118 pages
229 pages; the conception of God among a South Borneo people; Dayak (Indonesian people); Hans Schrer; Ngaju religion; 1963; STANFORD:36105010294549, goo.gl/qmay0 the story of Viet Nam's flight to freedom; Deliver us from evil; 1956; Refugees, Vietnamese; 214 pages; UCAL:B4539918; Thomas Anthony Dooley 1978; Data Available and Procedures to Obtain Tapes and Tabulations; Population forecasting; 15 pages; CELADE (Organization); CORNELL:31924050755945; The Celade Data Bank, https://pasbook.club/houser/si_baryk, www.jstor.org/action/doBasicSearch?Query=Ti%C3%A9%CC%82ng+h%C3%B3t+lo%C3%A0i+chim+Di%3A+th%C6%A1 Fiction; John Dos Passos; Includes the works that comprised the author's ground-breaking epic, written before his U.S.A. trilogy, featuring a kaleidoscopic portrait of New York City, the author's; 2003; 879 pages; Novels, 1920-1925; IND:30000087255083
2005; Kate Grenville; 334 pages; Moving between the slums of nineteenth-century London and the convict colonies of Australia, chronicles the lives and fortunes of the early pioneers of New South Wales, in a; The Secret River; Fiction; ISBN:1841957976 191 pages; Angela Wood; Combines moving first-person accounts and historical information about the Holocaust; Juvenile Nonfiction; Holocaust; ISBN:0756625351; 2007; The Events and Their Impact on Real People Easy Piano Picture Book; The Snowman; 1987; ISBN:0571100740; 32 pages; Raymond Briggs' charming Christmas story of the boy who builds a snowman that comes to life, and their adventures together, has become a children's classic. Its popularity has; Music; Howard Blake, Dianne Jackson
Travel; 1998; Pop Art; 132 pages; Selections from the Museum of Modern Art: An Exhibition Organized by the Museum of Modern Art in Collaboration with the High Museum of Art; ISBN:0870700847; Leslie Jones, Laura J. Hoptman, Beth Handler Interim Measures Indicated by International Courts; Oct 24, 1994; Law; Professor Hermann Mosler, former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, former Judge and Vice President of the European Court of; 154 pages; ISBN:3540582703; Rudolf Bernhardt
Technical algebra with applications; Carole E. Goodson, Susan L. Miertschin; Mar 21, 1985; 472 pages; Mathematics; ISBN:0471082414
What Every Woman Needs to Know About Having a Baby and a Career; Sylvia Ann Hewlett; Family & Relationships; ISBN:1401359302; Jan 7, 2004; Creating a Life; 352 pages; A provocative and thought-provoking book, filled with personal stories, examines the results of a nationwide survey, which shows that 40% of women earning $50,000 or more a, https://pasbook.club/houser/866_full
428 pages; IND:32000003325059; A Forgotten History : US Global Interventions Since World War 2; 1986; William Blum; The CIA; United States, wp.me/pJqoAV-zO
Fiction; Glorious Treasure; ISBN:0671523430; Louise Gillette; 1984; 311 pages
Structure, Function, Biogenesis : Proceedings of the ARCO Plant Cell Research Institute-UCLA Symposium Held at Park City, Utah, February 8-13, 1987; Plant Membranes: Structure, Function, Biogenesis : Proceedings of ..., Volume 63; Plant membranes; UCAL:B2838047; 461 pages; 1987; ARCO Plant Cell Research Institute, www.barnesandnoble.com/s/Ti%C3%A9%CC%82ng+h%C3%B3t+lo%C3%A0i+chim+Di%3A+th%C6%A1 Biography & Autobiography; Cao K Nguyn; 239 pages; 1976; UOM:39015002985219; Twenty years and twenty days
The gift; Birthdays; ISBN:0785378774; A brother and sister sacrifice treasured possessions in order to buy each other birthday presents. Focuses on the meaning of generosity; Jan 1, 2002
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