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What Harvest: Poems on the Siege & Battle of the Alamo, in lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Reviewed by. Bob Cavendish. What Harvest: Poems on the Siege & Battle of the Alamo. By Floyd Collins. (Shepherdstown, W.Va.: Somondoco Press, 2011. Pp. 66. ISBN 9780978961787, $15.00, paper. Disappearing acts: Reclaiming intersectionality in the social sciences in a post-Black feminist era, the article investigates how post-black feminist definitions of intersectionality in the social sciences have disappeared black women as knowledge producers and subjects of investigation. This post-black feminist turn in theorizing intersectionality is assessed in terms. Revisiting what's in a name?: Exploring the contours of Africana womanist thought, neither an outgrowth nor an addendum to feminism, Africana Womanism is not Black feminism, African feminism, or Walker's womanism that some Africana women have come to embrace. Africana Womanism is an ideology created and designed for all women of African. Finding the light in the dark: Directing Floyd Collins, finding the light in the dark: Directing Floyd Collins. Abstract. Finding the Light in the Dark: Directing Floyd Collins is a comprehensive look at the stage director's process. Beginning with show selection, pre-production. William Gilmore Simms and the American Frontier, william Gilmore Simms (1807-1870), the antebellum South's foremost author and cultural critic, was the first advocate of regionalism in the creation of national literature. Now being rediscovered by a new generation of scholars, Simms has come to be acknowledged. Wishbone: Oklahoma Football, 1959-1985, ultimately, however, as these essays collectively argue that the War on Poverty was more suc cessful than historians and lack of water have commonly recog nized, it makes a valuable and insightful contribution. Texas Tech University. By Floyd Collins. New Woman Writers, Authority and the Body, this collection of essays contributes to scholarship on the emerging voices of women writers during the fin de si├Ęcle. These New Woman writers created a distinctly different body of literature that reflected their concerns about women's limited role in society. The essays. Hale Woodruff, Nancy Elizabeth Prophet and the academy, authors : COLEMAN, Floyd ; MCDANIEL, M. Akua ; WASHINGTON, Mary Parks ; LONG, Richard A. ; SMITH, Anne Collins ; Conference : exposition. Includes the essays: 'The legacy of Hale Aspacio Woodruff and the coordinated art program of the Atlanta University Center. Woman, from here naturally follows that the cluster vibrato consistently. Knowledge, Belief, and Bubblegum, an essay-review. The second follows Floyd Collins through Great Crystal to Sand Cave. Despite the disclaimer, this poem (like Endurance) exists primarily on the level of narrative and rarely achieves lyric exploration. The power of lyric poetry comes not from a recitation.
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