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An essay on the nature and conduct of the passions and affections: with illustrations on the moral sense, a LTH O'the main pračical A Principles, which are incul-cated in this Treatiſe, have this Prejudice in their Favour, that they have been taught and propa-gated by the beſt of Men in all Ages, yet there is reaſon to fear that renewed Treatiſes upon Subjects ſo often well. An Abstract of a Treatise of Human Nature, 1740, touch inasmuch as Smith was in partnership with Hutcheson's cousin, William Bruce, their joint names appearing from 1728 on- wards on the Irish editions of Hutcheson's works.1 In 1728, the same year as the English edition, Smith published in Dublin Hutcheson's Essay. An evaluation of computerised essay marking for national curriculum assessment in the UK for 11‐year‐olds, abstract This paper reports a comparison of human and computer marking of approximately 600 essays produced by 11-year-olds in the UK. Each essay script was scored by three human markers. Scripts were also scored by the e-rater program. There was a good. Addison and Hutcheson on the Imagination, 31-5. 12Approval of Addison in Hibernicus's Letters, the series of papers in the Dublin Journal in which Hutcheson's essay on Laughter first appeared, was quite general. Not only are several of the Letters obviously inspired by the Spectator (see. Reconsidering the community college, abstract This essay represents an effort within this larger historiographical conversation to examine how historians of higher education have addressed institutions, specifically, the public community college. With an institutional lens providing the focus, it examines current. Review essay on the law enforcement response to spouse abuse: Past, present, and future, in this review article the authors critically assess the role of law enforcement in spouse abuse. After discussing definitional issues and tracing the evolution of attitudes and treatment of the physical abuse of wives, they examine the extent to which spouse abuse. Adam Smith's politics: An essay in historiographic revision, adam Smith's Politics: An Essay in Historiographic Revision. This essay in interpretation seeks to provide a more historical reading of certain political themes which recur in Smith's writings by bringing eighteenth-century perspectives to bear on the problem. Collected works, abstract v. 1. An inquiry into the original of our ideas of beauty and virtue (1725).--v. 2. An essay on the nature and conduct of the passions and affections.(1728).--v. 3. Philosophiae moralis institutio compendiaria.(1745).--v. 4. A short introduction to moral philosophy.(1747. An Essay on the Nature and Conduct of the Passions and Affections, art. I. Objects, Actions, or Events obtain the Name of Good, or Evil, ac- cording as they are the Causes, or Occa- sions, mediately, or immediately, of a grateful, or ungrateful Perception to some sensitive Nature. To understand therefore the several Kinds of Good. The significance and basic postulates of economic theory: a reply to Professor Knight, this follow-up is just what we do not find in Mr. Hutchison's essay (p. 6). As regards the first question, as to what propositions do and what propositions do not need testing, suffice it to say that a proposition needs testing simply with regard to what, if anything, is claimed.
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