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Langa Fonua: In Search of Success : how a Tongan Kainga Strived to be Socially and Economically Successful in New Zealand; 2009; Massey University - Office of the Directorate Pasifika, 2009; Sione Tuʼitahi; 9780986456114

In search of social and economic success, Tongans started to migrate to New Zealand more than forty years ago. Government studies and other research show that Tongans and other Pacific ethnic minorities are on the lowest rung of the socio-economic ladder. In the midst of these negative statistics, there are pockets of success. This thesis explores the diverse perspectives on and attitudes to, social and economic success in four generations of a migrant Tongan kainga. -- From abstract (p. vii)
Art; Simon Schama; Landscape and Memory; 1995; ISBN:0679735127; Explores the treasury of myths that have transformed the landscape of Western culture; 652 pages
C. Gordon Bell, Jim Gemmell; 288 pages; Discusses the attempt to record an entire life digitally, an enormous undertaking requiring intense attention to detail and the development of memory-emulating technology, and; Computers; ISBN:0525951342; How the E-memory Revolution Will Change Everything; 2009; Total Recall
Includes an annual buyers guide issue in April, 1980-; Hotel and Motel Management, Volume 197; 1982; CORNELL:31924059723647; Hotel management 304 pages; ISBN:8177585436; Effective Software Testing: 50 Specific Ways To Improve Your Testing; Sep 1, 2003; Dustin, www.powells.com/SearchResults?kw=title:Langa+Fonua%3A+In+Search+of+Success+%3A+how+a+Tongan+Kainga+Strived+to+be+Socially+and+Economically+Successful+in+New+Zealand
ISBN:9712346188; Principles of Tourism Part I' 2006 Ed
Meeting the Challenges; 269 pages; STANFORD:36105110810400; Keith Sullivan; 1998; Education; Education and Change in the Pacific Rim, bit.ly/m1LBrBj, goo.gl/3ePQ5 ISBN:0070260478; Web Engineering (Sie); Pressman Simon Schama; Unwarranted Speculations; 1991; 333 pages; Blending fact and fiction, document and imaginative reconstruction, this study of two true stories of violent death--each linked to a tragic Boston Brahmin family--explores the; Dead Certainties; UVA:X001962950; Biography & Autobiography 181 pages; ISBN:9783861950899; Investigation of the precise circumstances of the sinking of the famous Sydney whaler "Minerva" on Nicholsons Shoal; The Sinking of the "Minerva"; Peter Bays; Transportation; 2009; Narrative of the Wreck of the Minerva, Whaler of Port Jackson, New South Wales, tiny.cc/IzpXc8 Systems Programming; Donovan; ISBN:0074604821; Jun 1, 2001 ISBN:9780595091706; A Marriage Sabbatical; This is the true story of Sabina Shalom who exchanged a brilliant single-life career for marriage and motherhood. After thiry years of making a home for her husband and their; Biography & Autobiography; Mar 14, 2000; 325 pages; Sabina Shalom Technology & Engineering; 2011; You Are Not A Gadget; 223 pages; A Manifesto; ISBN:9780141049113; Something went wrong around the start of the 21st century. Individual creativity began to go out of fashion. Music became an endless rehashing of the past. Scientists were in; Jaron Lanier ISBN:0790011808; Sandra Kailahi; Jan 1, 2007; 192 pages; Pasifika Women; Our Stories in New Zealand; Pacific Islanders; Sandra Kailahi has interviewed 20 Pacific women that have worked tirelessly within the New Zealand community to better the lives of their peoples. Included are politicians, u.to/JOB3Lr, www.jstor.org/action/doBasicSearch?Query=Langa+Fonua%3A+In+Search+of+Success+%3A+how+a+Tongan+Kainga+Strived+to+be+Socially+and+Economically+Successful+in+New+Zealand Software engineering; This Book Is Designed As A Textbook For The First Course In Software Engineering For Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students. This May Also Be Helpful For Software; ISBN:8122416381; Software Engineering; K. K. Aggarwal; Jan 1, 2005; 494 pages ISBN:7302128367; :; ///Software engineering; Software engineering; Roger S. Pressman; 2006; 889 pages
195 pages; Tactical media describes interventionist media art practices that engage and critique the dominant political and economic order. Rather than taking to the streets and staging; ISBN:9780816651504; 2009; Tactical Media; Art; Rita Raley UOM:39015058725626; Design; The Sari; 2003; 277 pages; Drawing on experiences from villagers in Bengal to scientists in Bangalore, this book explores the beauty, adaptability and personality of India's most iconic garment. Banerjee; Mukulika Banerjee, Daniel Miller
2007; Literacy and Numeracy in the Pacific; UOM:39015073978143; Priscilla Puamau, Frances Pene; 182 pages; Education; The Basics of Learning
Sep 28, 2007; Robert Christie Mill; 478 pages; ISBN:9780471747222; Resorts; Business & Economics; Effectively Develop and Manage a Resort Property-Revised and Updated In recent years, the definition of "resort" has expanded to include any facility that provides recreation; Management and Operation
dissertation in pastoral theology; Feiloaiga Janette Taulealeausumai (1961-); The word made flesh; 44 pages; UOM:39015037799676; History; 1990 496 pages; Hotel Management and Operations; ISBN:9780470073605; Business & Economics; Apr 27, 2006; Denney G. Rutherford, Michael J. O'Fallon ISBN:8177582437; Introducing Software Testing; Tamres, tiny.cc/mfSTs5 412 pages; PSU:000049063837; Hotel and Motel Management and Operations; Business & Economics; William S. Gray, Salvatore C. Liguori; This book provides information on every facet and department of the hotel. Operation of a property management system is discussed with sample reports for readers are provided; 2003
A Legal and Constitutional Analysis; 1990; UCSD:31822005234141; Yash P. Ghai, Jill Cottrell; Executive power; 276 pages; Heads of State in the Pacific
Jan 1, 2005; Front Office; M.A. Khan; ISBN:8126122978; 426 pages Lectures on Metaphysics 1949-50; 2007; 'With this scheme, John Anderson joins a very distinguished line of philosophers who have presented us with a set of categories. We have first Plato (the doctrine of Highest; ISBN:9781920898625; John Anderson; 297 pages; Space Time and the Categories; Categories (Philosophy) Great Britain; At the edge of the world? 3000 BC-AD 1603; 'History clings tight but it also kicks loose,' writes Simon Schama at the outset of this, the first book in his three-volume journey into Britain's past. 'Disruption as much; A History of Britain; Simon Schama; ISBN:9781847920126; 352 pages; 2009
STANFORD:36105004493818; Social Science; 299 pages; William White Howells; The Pacific islanders; 1974 Art & reality; 280 pages; John Anderson on literature and aesthetics; Literary Criticism; UOM:39015001196644; 1982; John Anderson, Janet Anderson, Graham Cullum, Kimon Lycos, https://pasbook.club/houser/mob_cyfig_luh
550 pages; Software Testing Techniques, 2nd Edition is the first book-length work that explicitly addresses the idea that design for testability is as important as testing itself not just; ISBN:8177222600; Boris Beizer; Computer software; 2003; Software Testing Techniques
511 pages; Michael L. Kasavana, Richard M. Brooks; Managing Front Office Operations; PSU:000043826834; A textbook for students of hospitality. Explains such aspects as the nature of the lodging industry, hotel organization, front office operations and responsibilities; Hotel management; Jan 1, 1998 Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Law; Business & Economics; Norman G. Cournoyer, Anthony G. Marshall, Karen Morris; If you are involved or planning to be involved in the Travel and Hospitality industry as a manager or legal professional, you will find this book to be a valuable tool. Inside; A Preventive Approach; 652 pages; ISBN:0766835995; 2004 Explores the efforts of physicians to close the gap between best intentions and best performance in the face of insurmountable obstacles, discussing such topics as the ethical; Better; 273 pages; Health & Fitness; ISBN:0312427654; Atul Gawande; A Surgeon's Notes on Performance; Jan 22, 2008, wp.me/pZgKFH-9x
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