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Food Facts for Teenagers, 1965, Thomas, 1965, Margaret Belais Salmon

1968, 256 pages, STANFORD:36105049301141, A discussion, emphasizing the special concerns of young people, of many aspects of food, including food nutrients, balanced diet, weight control, misconceptions about food, Food facts for young people, Health & Fitness, Pauline Arnold, Percival White
Agriculture, Agriculture Information Bulletin, Issue 289, UOM:39015038663897, 1981
120 pages, Ellen Jill Horowitz, Murray Horowitz, Eat & lose weight with the new "4-pencil method", ISBN:0132225883, Health & Fitness, 1978
The oriental 7-day quick weight-off diet, 1975, Cooking, 206 pages, Norvell, UOM:39015039785913
1997, Dam chos dna bai sgron me, Buddhism, Explanation on some important religious practices of Tibetan Buddhism, Dpal-ldan-grags-pa (Blo-gli Dge-bes.), 127 pages, UOM:39015040908504 Fiction, ISBN:9780007578276, 133 pages, Natchez Burning: Part 5 of 6 (Penn Cage, Book 4), Mar 6, 2014, Extraordinarily entertaining and fiendishly suspenseful (Stephen King). The stunning new Penn Cage thriller in which a shocking murder from the 1960s finds new life - and, Greg Iles
European Commission, European Commission. Directorate-General for Regional Policy and Cohesion, MINN:31951P00475470J, evaluating socio-economic programmes, Business & Economics, MEANS collection: evaluating socio-economic programmes, Volumes 1-6, 1999 ISBN:0971708991, 148 pages, Kenneth Harrison, Fiction, Erotic short stories for the gay male audience, Erotic Short Stories, Ten Thick Inches, Mar 1, 2009 1980, Cheryl Corbin, Nutrition, Nutrition, WISC:89004598231, 178 pages
MARPOL Amendments, 2005, Amendments Adopted by Resolutions MEPC.99(48), MEPC.111(50), MEPC.112(50), MEPC.115(51), MEPC.116(51) AND MEPC.132(53) with Unified Interpretations, UCSD:31822035176171, 98 pages, Hazardous substances Leslie Kean, Body, Mind & Spirit, Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record, ISBN:9780307716859, 352 pages, An Air Force major is ordered to approach a brilliant UFO in his Phantom jet over Tehran. He repeatedly attempts to engage and fire on unusual objects heading right toward his, Aug 10, 2010, UFOs
Biography & Autobiography, Jefferson, 310 pages, 1976, UOM:39015000695653, a revealing biography, Page Smith The River at Wolf, 1992, Jean Valentine, Poetry, "Jean Valentine has written a visionary book. If it is built with the brick and wood of this world, the light that pours through its windows is searing, healing."--Marie Howe, 60 pages, STANFORD:36105017263919 Diet, Diet Book, 1955, 253 pages, CORNELL:31924003522863, www.booktopia.com.au/search.ep?keywords=Food+Facts+for+Teenagers
Paperback edition of a prize-winning account of the reign of King James VI and I, W. B. Patterson, ISBN:0521793858, History, King James VI and I and the Reunion of Christendom, Sep 14, 2000, 430 pages
ISBN:0698105990, Neil Solomon, Mary Knudson, Health & Fitness, 1974, Dr. Solomon's easy, no-risk diet, 287 pages Biography & Autobiography, 585 pages, Jeannette Mirsky, Oct 1, 1998, Archaeological Explorer, Sir Aurel Stein, An extraordinary man, who advanced human knowledge on many fronts, Sir Aurel Stein (1862-1943) pursued dramatic adventure with scientific purpose. Jeannette Mirsky has drawn, ISBN:0226531775
Neglected Children, 173 pages, Issues and Dilemmas, Jul 7, 1998, Political Science, ISBN:0632041463, Olive Stevenson, With the rising reported incidence of child abuse, emphasis is focused now on strategies for prevention. Neglect is the most problematic form of abuse because of the threshold
ISBN:0451203593, 24 Hours, When a psychopathic con man kidnaps Will and Karen Jennings's five-year-old daughter, the couple decide to fight back to save their daughter. Reprint, Greg Iles, Fiction, 434 pages, 2001 After Adoption, ISBN:0415282217, 2004, Carole Smith, Janette Logan, Family & Relationships, Few children nowadays are placed for adoption with no form of contact planned with birth relatives and it has become common professional practice to advocate direct rather than, Direct Contact and Relationships, 199 pages, openlibrary.org/search?q=Food+Facts+for+Teenagers Some Amish children celebrate Christmas in their one-room school and in their own simple ways with their family and relatives, PSU:000025879605, Juvenile Fiction, 1996, 40 pages, An Amish Christmas, Richard Ammon Completely Whole is resource filled- guide full of practical and Biblically-based principles, real-life application strategies and prayers to give the readers a holistic, May 4, 2010, Body, Mind & Spirit, 180 pages, ISBN:0615331017, Paulette Harper, Completely Whole, https://pasbook.club/houser/21-10-36, https://pasbook.club/houser/lapa
Redesigning Society, Social Science, 2003, 184 pages, Russell Lincoln Ackoff, Sheldon Rovin, Health care, education, welfare, lawthe perceived success or failure of these social institutions is constantly being debated in the public arena. In this new book Ackoff and, ISBN:9780804747943 ISBN:0448021609, Gussie Mason, Cooking, 1975, Help Your Child Lose Weight and Keep It Off, 116 pages, https://pasbook.club/houser/ru_mi_wu_wax
Bev Harvey, ISBN:0791069850, Birds, Juvenile Nonfiction, 32 pages, 2003, A simple introduction to the characteristics of birds in general and of select species, https://pasbook.club/houser/626doc Education, Culture, Institutions, and the Unequal Effects of School Choice, 213 pages, Controversial claims are being debated about school choice and the application of market dynamics to education. But the polemics have out-paced hard evidence regarding who, ISBN:080773537X, Bruce Fuller, Gary Orfield, 1996, Who Chooses? who Loses?, download.cnet.com/s/food-facts-for-teenagers/ Diet, MINN:319510008375084, 1960, Key to Lasting Slimness, 80 pages 2000, Physical modeling, simulation and measurements of packaging structures for compact electronic systems, Technology & Engineering, 368 pages, CORNELL:31924088875442, Enrique Diaz-Alvarez
Food, Carol Tiffany, PSU:000022751102, 138 pages, Everywoman's Diet Handbook, 1980, https://pasbook.club/houser/294978 1968, 158 pages, Mathematics, Descriptive statistics, Stanley Solomon Blank, UOM:39015046266923 849 pages, Business & Economics, Understanding Business and Personal Law, Student Edition, McGraw-Hill Education, Introduce students to the laws that affect their daily lives. New elements in every component!, Mar 26, 2002, ISBN:0078266092, www.goodreads.com/search?q=Food+Facts+for+Teenagers Education, 50 Ways to Improve Your Child's Behavior and Attention Span Without Drugs, Labels, Or Coercion, Challenges the labeling of millions of children as victims of Attention Deficit Disorder and the use of psychoactive medication to control their behaviors, and offers fifty, 1997, 305 pages, ISBN:0452275474, Thomas Armstrong, The Myth of the A.D.D. Child The Quotable Machiavelli, Niccol Machiavelli, ISBN:9781400883318, Niccol Machiavelli (14691527) is the father of modern political thought, but he is also one of the greatest writers of the Renaissance and his wisdom and style extend far, Dec 20, 2016, Political Science, 360 pages Biology 201, Ted R. Johnson, Christine L. Case, James G. Cappuccino, Natalie Sherman, Virginia Schurman, Janet Savage, Apr 1, 1999, Microbiology Laboratory Manual, Science, ISBN:0201457172
What If? for Car Drivers - The Official Guide to Boosting Driver Awareness, 2001, ISBN:0115525394
Health & Fitness, STANFORD:36105047003053, Better nutrition for the family, 118 pages, 1946, Louisa Pryor Skilton, https://pasbook.club/houser/rum Ida Jean Kain and Mildred B. Gibson, 1966, Stay SLIM for Life Abbott Payson Usher, An Introduction to the Industrial History of England, Great Britain, 1920, UOM:39015064403671, 529 pages, https://pasbook.club/houser/21-10-35 In our time, sexual harassment has been revealed as a pervasive problem with far-reaching management, legal, and personal implications. While treatment is often mandated, Kirk A. Brunswig, William T. O'Donohue, ISBN:0306472597, Aug 31, 2002, Relapse Prevention for Sexual Harassers, Business & Economics, 154 pages 1962, Alice B. Peyton, UOM:39015074100614, Nutrition, 434 pages, Practical Nutrition 32 pages, 1959, Eat and Grow Slim, Low-calorie diet, UIUC:30112048293291
ISBN:0314008063, Annotated and Selected, 1993 Edition, West's Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and Treasury Regulations, 1500 pages, Ali Smith, James E. Smith, 1993
Diet in disease, 122 pages, UIUC:30112059508710, Diet Manual, 1963 ISBN:9781416614661, Education, A Quick-Start Guide, The latest in the Understanding the Common Core series covers the structure, terminology, and emphases of the standards for both mathematics and English language arts and, Amber Evenson, Monette McIver, Susan Ryan, Amitra Schwols, John Kendall, Common Core Standards for Elementary Grades 3-5 Math & English Language Arts, 2013, 263 pages, is.gd/KITZmJ
1952, Ruth M. Leverton, UOM:39015007423141, 192 pages, Food Becomes You, Nutrition UOM:39015002112954, George V. James, Water Treatment, 1965, A Guide to the Treatment of Water and Effluents Purification. With a Foreword, Water, 307 pages
Helen D. Hume, Nov 24, 2008, This guide offers everything a teacher needs to know for conducting an effective arts instruction and appreciation program, ISBN:0470183020, Art, The Art Teacher's Survival Guide for Elementary and Middle Schools, 512 pages
Navigation, Great Britain. Hydrographic Dept, Eastern Archipelago pilot, 1943, UCSD:31822005129200 Nutrition, 78 pages, Nutrition, UIUC:30112101731591, A Handbook, 1951 1950, Home economics, UOM:39015033151286, Home and Garden Bulletin, www.coop.com.au/search?keyW=Food+Facts+for+Teenagers Diet, Ora Blanche Burright, 24 pages, A low-cost adequate diet for a family of four, PSU:000057713939
1996, Year of the Tiger, Jack Higgins, ISBN:042515517X, Assigned to locate and smuggle Dr. Karl Hoffner out of Tibet in 1962, Paul Chavasse confronts a host of enemies from Chinese occupiers to Soviet agents in his desperate race to, 278 pages, Fiction, www.bookdepository.com/search?searchTerm=Food+Facts+for+Teenagers Best Hikes With Children Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine, May 1, 2000, Cynthia Copeland Lewis, Thomas J. Lewis, Appealing to families, seniors, and anyone looking for fun and easy outings in New England, this collection of day hikes and overnight trips is filled with precise trail, 269 pages, ISBN:0898866111, Travel
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