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On the social psychology of agency relationships: Lay theories of motivation overemphasize extrinsic incentives, 1991). In the classic demonstration of this bias, observers attributed pro-Castro attitudes to a student who wrote a pro-Castro essay, even when they knew the student was assigned the essay topic (Jones & Harris, 1967). More. I know, you know: Epistemic egocentrism in children and adults, more specifically, the inferred attitude ratings for the couched pro-Castro essay were relatively close to (albeit lower than) the ratings given to the free-choice pro-Castro essay. Thus, the participants in this condition of the study. The Rise and Decline of Fidel Castro: An Essay in Contemporary History, the main narrative of the present volume is concerned with the first five years (1959-1964) of Fidel Castro's regime and its external relations. This is primarily the period of the rise of Fidel Castro, although it was also the time when the seeds of decline were sown. Attitude attribution when behavior is constrained, suasiveness. In fact, Castro essay writers who were primed with three pro-Castro arguments actually mentioned fewer of these arguments than nonprimed Castro essay writers, though the difference is not significant. Primed. Perspectival anthropology and the method of controlled equivocation, abstract This article argues that doing anthropology means comparing anthropologies. Comparison is not just our primary analytic tool, it is also our raw material and our ultimate grounding, since what we compare are always and necessarily, in one form or other. The attribution of attitudes, for example: pro-Castro essay. Wreckage left by the exploiters of foreign industry. anti-Castro essay Castro can and does attempt to take over our neighbors and convert them to communist sattelites by using methods of infiltration sabotage and subversion. Sequential correspondence biases and perceptions of change: The Castro studies revisited, half the subjects were informed that Harris Jones was compelled by his course instructor to write a pro-Castro essayat the beginning ofthe term; half were told that he was compelled to write an anti-Castro essay. Subjects were then instructed to read the essay. A Bayesian analysis of attribution processes, page 1. Psychological Bulletin 1975. Vol. 82, No. 2, 261-277 A Bayesian Analysis of Attribution Processes montana 1948 racism of Massachusetts Amherst Martin Fishbein University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Hayes's. Need for cognition and the correspondence bias, the attitude-attribution paradigm has been used frequently in studies of the correspondence bias. For example, Jones and Harris (1967) asked subjects to evaluate a target's attitude toward Castro after reading either a pro- or con-Castro essay written by the target. The psychology of social chess and the evolution of attribution mechanisms: Explaining the fundamental attribution error, to test these predictions, Jones and Harris (1967))Jones and Harris (1967) gave subjects either a pro-Castro essay or an anti-Castro essay purportedly written by a student. In one set of variants (the choice variants), subjects.
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