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Building an inclusive society [Paper in: Renewing and Revitalizing Labor. Jungwirth, Gary (ed, and file at the time. Often the new positions which have emerged have attained widespread acceptance among subsequent generations of Labor supporters. Curtin's adoption of conscription, Whitlam's abandonment of White Australia and acceptance of state aid. Bothering about Broadband: Review Essay, rEVIEW ESSAY. According to Finance and Deregulation Minister Lindsay Tanner: 'We felt that there's been so much delay, so much obfuscation, so much french transition words on rubbish programs trying to make people think the government was doing something about. Delivering Policy Reform, lindsay Tanner 7. The agenda for achieving a world-class public sector: making reforms that matter in the face of challenges. Ix Foreword This volume of essays had its origins in our thinking about the global financial crisis when, in 2008, the major economic shock emerging. Connecting government [Paper in: For the People: Reclaiming Our Government. Dennis Glover and Glenn Patmore (eds, as access to the Internet expands rapidly, a new set of vital issues is emerging in the realm of government. More and more people are moving on-line, creating opportunities for new methods of delivering services, and the challenge of ensuring that others. Not dead yet: Correspondence: Russell Marks, the gamma ray concluded. Review Essay: The Third Way, page 1. 174 REVIEW ESSAY THE THIRD WAY Anthony Giddens, The Third Way: The Renewal of Social Democracy (Cambridge: Polity Press, 1998), pp. x, 166, $31.95. Xliv, 186, $54.95. Lindsay Tanner, Open Australia (Annandale NSW: Pluto Press, 1999), pp. 248, A$27.95. A likely lad.[Profile of Lindsay Tanner, a young Tanner. He discovered panicular interest in the writings of social commentarors such as George Ornrell- his essays most of all - and Victor Hugo. At boarding. Trip down Page 6. i• ! i I I Lindsay Tanner memory lane. Relationships and community [Paper in: New Visions for Government. Jungwirth, Gary (ed, the collapse of rigid family and social structures and the rapid advance of transport and telecommunications have had enor-mously liberating effects. We now exercise a much wider range of social choices than we once did. Yet greater freedom for all has been. Window dressing, how often have you heard someone suggest a magic solution to all our political problems? If only we had fixed four-year federal terms! Why don't we ban politicians from breaking election promises? Let's have conscience votes on everything! Increase politicians' salaries. Chariots of Fire: Tony Blair's Legacy, on 2 May 1997, I was standing about 5 metres in front of Tony Blair when, as the newly elected prime minister, he made his famous'a new dawn has broken'speech at the royal festival hall beside the Thames. standing next to me was a young David Miliband, then.
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